About This Site


insideADHD is an educational website about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Our goal is to help parents, teachers, and physicians share information and work as a team to improve the lives of children with ADHD.

We provide ideas and strategies to help children and families adapt socially, emotionally, and academically to life with ADHD. Our approach is based on the latest scientific understanding of ADHD, as well as research-proven “best practices” for clinical care.

The Editorial Process

Inflexxion®, Inc. maintains full editorial control of insideADHD. The site was developed with input from clinical professionals, parents of children with ADHD, and a multidisciplinary Expert Advisory Board. All new content is reviewed before posting to ensure its accuracy and to confirm that it meets editorial standards. We do not allow users to directly post content. insideADHD is 100% commercial-free. We do not allow advertising or product endorsements, and it does not host commercial content. insideADHD is supported in part through corporate sponsorship, that comes in the form of unrestricted educational grants. Sponsors are not involved in editorial decisions and do not have control over the site’s content.

About Inflexxion

Inflexxion® develops scientifically-based, interactive technologies that help people improve their lives through behavioral change. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, healthcare professionals, and educational institutions rely on Inflexxion for online interactive programs that: reduce health-related risks, enhance clinical outcomes, and positively influence quality of care.