• Featured Article:Summer Activities for Children with ADHD

    Summer without the constraints of a classroom is often the best time to promote new learning for a curious and energetic child with ADHD. It is important to find engaging activities that can improve traditional subjects such as mathematics, reading, and writing.

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  • Expert Advice: ADHD Medication Holidays

    Stimulant medications for ADHD tend to cause tolerance, which occurs when the initial dosage loses its effectiveness over time. A “medication holiday” can sometimes help prevent this. Learn more about medication holidays in this video and why medication holidays are used and why they may or may not be useful for your child.

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  • From the Toolkit: Weekday Planner

    The Weekday Planner can help your child keep a checklist of the day's activities, helping to establish a sense of routine throughout the day.

    Grades 1-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12


The InsideADHD Toolkit contains useful tools to help you and your child throughout the school year.

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