• Featured Article:Talking to a Teenager who has been Recently Diagnosed with ADHD

    Teenagers recently diagnosed with ‎ADHD‬ are likely to have many questions and often want to be involved in their treatment. Teens may desire a level of control over ADHD interventions such as medication, tutoring, and accommodations made for them in the classroom.

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  • Expert Advice: ADHD and Homework Success

    Homework can be one of the biggest problem areas for families with an ADHD child. Many parents struggle daily with getting their ADHD child to complete homework, but it doesn’t have to be a battle. Watch this video and learn tips on how to make homework a success.

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  • From the Toolkit: Homework Log

    The Homework Log allows your child to remember not just his or her homework assignments for each day, but also the materials required to complete them, their due dates, and checkboxes to indicate whether they have been turned in.

    Grades 1-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12


The InsideADHD Toolkit contains useful tools to help you and your child throughout the school year.

We have tools for parents and children:


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